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Accounting for Construction meets the unique needs of business owners by  providing professional accounting and CFO services at a fraction of the price other comparable service providers may quote. Outsourcing accounting functions as a construction company allows the business to focus on providing the best service possible while also saving 30% or more on cost. This, in turn, ensures that they can bring in more profit that benefits their bottom line.

We Provide Bookkeeping Controller Services CFO Services Tax Services Consulting & Planning

How Can Accounting for Construction Help?

If you are ready to take the next step, Accounting for Construction is ready to learn more about your financial goals and the current ways you are leveraging your existing processes to achieve them.

Since we focus exclusively on construction accounting, we can provide full-service accounting services that focus on the unique challenges associated with the construction industry.

Contact us today to get started or learn more about the ways that Accounting for Construction can help you take control of your finances and bid smarter.

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Bookkeeping & Accounting

Accounting for Construction provides accurate bookkeeping services that help maximize company profits and help decisionmakers run a successful construction company.

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A construction controller is responsible for coordinating all facets involved with a construction project while also monitoring the budgetary limits.

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Virtual CFO

A Virtual CFO from Accounting for Construction provides the CFO support needed to be successful in the construction industry at a fraction of the cost.

About Us

Accounting for Construction exists to serve the construction industry. We specialize in providing excellent advice to contractors and lean on a depth of knowledge gained from decades of experience through serving this industry.

We pride ourselves in caring for one another and our clients. We are determined to become the construction industry’s main source of accounting solutions through excellent services and tangible results.

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Why is Expert Accounting Important for the Construction Industry?

From contractors to construction empires, investing in expert accounting can help track each job and the impact it will have on the business as a whole. Although there are some similarities when compared to general accounting, there are also many distinct and important features that must be kept in mind due to a project-based approach, long-term contracts and decentralized production methods. Ultimately, every construction company needs a way to control costs and ensure they are bidding intelligently. This is where expert construction accounting plays a crucial role.

A great virtual CFO and accounting team for construction should be able to focus on job costing, contract revenue recognition, contract retainage specialized construction billing and the impact payroll has on finances. By taking a holistic view of these factors, the accounting team should be able to create a financial plan that actively promotes growth while also maintaining previous progress. Additionally, expert accounting for the construction industry should ensure compliance reporting is being supported with accurate numbers to accommodate both federal and local requirements.

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“We have experience tremendous growth over the last 2 years and Accounting for Construction has been a great resource for our business”

“Having a strategic partner that truly cares about you and your company is extremely impactful. The service and technology are great!”

“As a general contractor, having a company who can help you navigate the financials of my business has helped my business grow”

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